Sunday, December 21, 2014

Guinea pig for dinner

American's new meat "Guinea Pig" 

Coming from the suburbs to living in a rural community I have learned to eat my own eggs, chicken, rabbits and now quail. When I started to raise Guinea pigs I discovered that in South America Guinea Pig "Cuy" was one of the main meat sources in Peru. Easy to raise and many homes would keep them right at the home for easy fixing. It's hard to imagine being from America and having my cute little "pudding" and "Sugar Bear" served up for the family dinner. It is really a cultural thing as I remember a minister friend from abroad laughing because everyone had ''dogs" in their homes , that was "dinner" to him! I couldn't stomach eating my pet but as a American I certainly respect other cultures. I usually study out anything pertaining to farming as I find it so fascinating. With changes in our American culture I walk through the grocery stores and see a wider and wider selection of foods from around the world. Below are some articles that you may find of interest. If you are a guinea pig farmer, pet owner, friend, or have dined on "cuy" please join me in the chat on twitter #CUYINAMERICA and follow me @R47R  :) and NO! I wouldn't eat my guinea pig ... but I won't think less of you if that is what you do.

      Why do pigs get their tails cut? .... Because other pigs nip at them. 

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