Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting ready for Jurassic World

Jurassic World is going to be a awesome movie! We are big fans of the Jurassic Park movies. Our eyes are peeled on everything Jurassic World check out some more fun stuff

Armchair Travels ... We are traveling around the world for the Holidays...  

Holland celebrates Christmas with Father Christmas and Black Petes. Which has been a issue of racism in Amersterdam click here  and click here sinterklaas shoes    Holland brought Christmas to the USA because they believed in Santa and brought the idea here to the USA. Every year they hope for snow but in the last 100 years they have only had 6.

Christmas in Holland is celebrated on Christmas Day and on the 26th and a little on Christmas Eve :) 

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Looking back to the farm.... 

Retro post from 2/14/14
    We are adding to our farm the wonderful Elderberry! I have never tasted one before but Clay has ate these wild many times. I wouldn't suggest doing that as there is a lot of thoughts on how to eat a elderberry. Some are to be eatten some are not. I am in the midst of doing my research on this amazing plant. It grows from 10-12 feet high and has beautiful flowers some elderberries can be eatten and some can not.
  The benefit of the elderberry is the health benefits. One choice benefit is the syrup that can be made to help fight off flu and sickness. To learn more ck out

   We are adding Chinese Geese to our farm this year. I have never owned a goose myself Clay has many times before. Their job is to be our "guard dogs" . Geese make excellent guard dogs and in China they actually enlisted them for this job. After talking to the Hatchery I found out that the brown Chinese goose is a better guard dog than a white one plus they won't stick out as much as a white goose for a "tasty snack" for any hawks that would love a early Christmas dinner. We are getting both colors and are in the process of planning their housing etc. The male chinese goose 

has a Knob on his head. 

  Here is the white version

I am super excited about this new addition and I know they will be loved by us for many years to come! 

 Journey of Hope by Debbie Kaufman is the story of a missionary running away from society marriage smack into her destiny Continue reading

Product DetailsA wartime love story Degree of Risk by Lindsay McKenna . Sarah's plane is shot down and her love a Navy Seal searches for her click here to read more

    Brady finds meaning in her life after going through the tragedy of her twin sister's death. The Moment before by Suzy Vitello continue reading here

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