Thursday, August 21, 2014


        I was really fortunate that I learned to crochet when I was about 11 or 12 while we lived at Pinecrest Bible Training Center as a kid now It's Bethany Bible School Bethany Bible Training Center . My parents taught printing and I can remember crocheting a huge blanket that was just crazy and my Aunt Anna came to our home and how kind she was and said it looked nice looking back it was funny but we would actually crochet fabric with our fingers as there was a local warehouse that everyone used to make rugs with their old fabrics so learning to crochet with just my fingers as a kid was fun as well. This is a great skill to pass on to your kids I have so many wonderful memories of crocheting and the fun that I have had. 

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   I remember after I met my husband Clay and starting life over at age 47 after a divorce and a remarriage I began to pray and ask God how I could make more money. I felt like the Lord led me right into Extreme couponing which led me into more areas of helping my family. One of which is FREEBIES! I actually had been doing freebies almost as soon as I got my first personal computer. But FREEBIES can be a 24/7 if you want to put the time in to search for the free stuff. So in keeping with this week's special subject on how to add more to your family I share how to get started in freebies.. and I mean REAL FREEBIES not FREEBIES you have to work for... which holds you back and locks up your "TIME" looking for MORE FREEBIES of ACTUAL STUFF you can give to your family :) Enjoy the video and please don't forget to click on the freebie tab daily (or more often) as I list them as I find them to help all of you too). This is a skill that will change your family 's life and you should teach your children as well! 
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     okay... who couldn't lose a few pounds? Well I am presenting a fun challenge to everyone.. Share your SKINNY pictures.. If you don't have a skinny picture.. share your dream look where you want to end up.! 
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Skinny Picture Challenge for all


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Moms become sweeperstakers while the kids go to school #SWEEPSTAKES #FREEBIES

Join the Sweepstaking Hobby ...

In keeping with the subject this week of ways to help your family while the kiddies go to school I am sharing one of my favorite hobbies "sweepstaking". Winning sweepstakes can really add the extras. When I am playing regularly I win about 5-20 x's a month. It is pretty awesome. It's great getting money, giftcards, clothing, jewelry, etc...  I list freebies and sweepstakes right here on my blog daily so take a few minutes and enter everyday.. remember you can't win if you don't enter! 

    Time for some girl Time....

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HOW LONG Are canning goods good?
      In no way am I a expert on this subject... but here is a pointer to help you ... only can what you think you can eat in a year. I have heard of people eating canned food 25 years old.. etc.. and one way to keep things good is to make sure that all the food is covered in the liquid and no food is above the liquid line. Personally I like to only eat things that are a year old. More than that and I start to think twice. Any thoughts? Chat with me on twitter about this

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Should Mom be a direct seller?

   I want to share some posts this week on some possible ideas for Mom  to earn some extra money while she is home with the kids. I will be just chatty so feel free to read this like a letter just to you :) My heart is to help young mommies to have some options if they would like to start working again, or work from home and to earn some money and/or save some money or get stuff to help out the family.  I am not in direct sales myself anymore and won't do it again as those days for me are long gone. When my son was small though it was a great way to add to my family and to "connect" with other moms and to make some friends. I ventured into a ton of direct selling companies and some I loved and others weren't for me. At one point I  sold cosmetics and had over 1000 people in my downline and my team was selling 50,000 a month but my bonus checks were only about 500.00 a month but my customer money was much much better and the company people weren't very nice to me so it wasn't worth the stress.  I think my favorite company was a candle company that had all kinds of gorgeous holders and was new on the scene. I remember being afraid to do a show and my sister "PUSHED" me out the door and said you are going and my son was about 7 crying NO Mommy stay home!  Looking back .. I can see that it was time for Mom to get out of the house! The discounts were awesome and I really love direct sales and it seemed that many times I was juggling something else in the background as I had other "gigs" going ... a full time job, or my PR gigs, and even at one point studying the stock market .. yadda, yadda,... and then just being MOM and focusing at times 100% on a company even. So for about 26 years on and off I was involved. So if you are wanting to jump into Direct Sales as a Mom and stay home with the kiddies here are some tips from a old timer.

If you choose to "build a business " in direct sales be a business woman.. not a shopper.. you can shop at the Mall! 
Look at your competition. Are you the only one in town or in your area doing it?
Is the product in demand? Will you have to work nights? ... Many party plans you can work during the day or do book shows at businesses. Can you talk to corporate anytime you want ? After all you are using your money to help grow the brand name. Are they respectful to you or are you going to bale out because it is "stresscity"?  Hostile work environments even happen in direct sales!  Are you willing to put down the money to get started for a season or are you going to be chasing the carrot for eternity with no profit and put your family in debt. Is your family behind it? Are you going to be a company Robot? Remember Companies don't love you back... scrap the hype ... look at the company as a true business a life's work.. Don't look at the money.. If you love what you do and are good sales representative and the product is good you should make money. Basically getting into direct sales is becoming a sales person. If you have a magnetic personality,like to shop with people, are HONEST, and have a good product and willing to work hard and learn your products you should be able to sell anything from cosmetics, to candles, to cars, to real estate, to furniture, to whatever... A life in direct sales is a career in sales. If you love sales than direct sales is a natural you may have to try a few companies to find the "perfect" company for you.. and if you are making money you are doing well ... if not.. scrap it and go out and get a sales job ... doing telemarketing, real estate, working with your local newspaper selling ads, etc.. the possibilities are endless. If you can sell .. you will always have work! So my advice to you on direct sales... from a old timer of 26 years plus (not including all the other years I sold  otherstuff... ) ... If you are a born sales person or not... direct sales is just another way to jump into sales.. and in the sales world pretty much you either have it or you don't. Most companies work on commission (and trust me if you can sell you want commission!) A typical sales floor... 2 people sell the most and the newbie will sell to all his friends and relatives and pretty much starve himself out and find a different job, and the other guys may get lucky or sell to the guy who already wanted to buy. Not exact .. but you can see how this is done. The salesman.. doesn't even know he's selling or what he's doing to make it happen... but he's usually NOT a slick cheater as that is a quick sale.. but let's face it No referrals so he dies out too. I like what I learned from a retired top  sales rep when I was selling furniture they said never sell anything to anyone without making them a friend first. There is a lot of truth to that. If you make friends and I like to say ... my job is just to meet people.. which I am outgoing so I naturally make friends with everyone :) you will be in business for years.. because no matter where you go and what company you are with everyone will go to you if they want your goods because they know they can trust you because you are their friend. So all said.. Mom, considering extra money in direct sales? Want to become a sales professional? This may be a great opportunity if you love people and shopping. Give Direct Sales a try! To find a company just google direct sales companies and you should find a ton :) 

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I love Texel Guinea pigs

   Ck out our Texel Guinea pig on our show just

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   Awesome freebie from the weather channel

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chocolate coconut cake anyone?

Here is a really easy breezy way to make coconut frosting... Just pick up your favorite white frosting and add a 1/2 bag or full of coconut! Mix it up and tada you will feel like a pro! 

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No Ice tea maker? Try this

       How I make Ice Tea... I own a Ice tea maker and a coffee maker... 

     I noticed that the set ups were pretty similar so I said I wonder if I can do the same thing in my drip coffee maker...  Here is how I do it.. put your tea bags where your filter goes and run through as normal. Add ICE, sugar and your favorite creamer. Disclaimer.. this may not work with all coffee makers. 


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Our FREE FALL LIFESKILLS CLASSES for MOMS and Dads have opened come score these #FREEBIES

     Our FREE online Classes for FALL are starting! We teach lifeskills for FREE couponing, canning, baking, armchair travel, how to raise chickens, social media, etc..  just about anything! Moms learn some great lifeskills as we open up the new FREE classes I will list them here.. no big deal.. just a few tips daily to help you in your busy life.. If you have questions you will be able to ask us anything just by asking us on or click here to sign up for twitter (it's free!) Join us and connect with us so we can help you live a smart savy life! 

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    We are starting our new series of fall classes. You will be able to get everything just by reading the blog here everyday and clicking on any links for new information and extra information. If you have any questions or thoughts just join us on twitter and we will be happy to answer them there.  click below for Family Fun canning :)

Craft a Japanese Fan! Activity     How to make a Japanese fan ... Fun in my armchair travel to Japan. very easy fun fan... 2 sticks with a piece of paper folded and tape or glue sticks to fan than pull together sticks and fan yourself! 



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Japanese Traditional Kimonos Women | kimono-traditional-clothing-for-japanese-women-japan-japan1152 ...

Arm Chair Traveling to Japan....The  Kimono
Looking at the Kimono, you can't help but fall in love with the beauty of them. Loving fashion I love all the colors. We live in such a wonderful world where we can chat with people from all over the world and learn about the wonderful world God has made for us. I was fortunate enough to have a friend from Japan come and spend time with my family when I was in my early 20's. Although I didn't learn any Japanese I was fortunate enough to receive a phone call when he called me from germany to let my family know he had gotten married. Come take a vacation with us armchair style to Japan! The kimono word doesn't have any "deep meanings" but basically means thing you wear!  
beautiful Japanese kimono dress, love :) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whose going to Japan with me?

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Raising Rabbits for meat can be very profitable for the family. We raise California rabbits and have a few of the mixed breeds that we will be selling this year in the animal auction to stick closer to the California rabbits that we have found work nicely for us. I love raising rabbits because they are really easy to raise and you can actually get more meat than having a cow in comparisons. I found that the "newbie" may struggle with good recipes and to get started I would suggest doing what I do a lot. I cook them in the crockpot then debone and season with BBQ sauce or other good sauces and spices. Some people also sell the fur which perhaps later on I may work on and get into further. If you are toying with the idea of raising rabbits make sure you count the cost as they will need water in the winter and rabbit pellets, etc.. Also make sure your family likes rabbit to eat as well as making sure  you have enough cages for the babies so you don't get over taken by rabbits! We have raised babies on the barn floor all winter with out any new babies but once spring hits.. they all start thinking "love" thoughts and you may find they are all mating even though all winter they could care less. 


How to make a home made Lava Lamp! 

Now that school is not that far off and the kids are getting bored .. this is a fun project for the whole family.

What you will need

1 16 oz baby oil or vegetable oil
1 liter empty soda bottle
1 bottle food coloring - your choice
1 box of alka seltzer
1 flashlight

Put oil, water and food coloring together put in pieces of  alka seltzer and watch the fun! for even more fun sit the "closed" and capped bottle on top of a flashlight!


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Social Media changing lives for the average man

Pople BackyardFarm    Clay and I are making our mark in the world through sharing lifeskills for FREE our heart is to teach others the things that have been placed in our lives... business tips, farming, and just good common sense. Please take a minute and subscribe to our new You tube Channel click here and help us help others. We see so many people struggling and sometimes the answers are easy you just need to hook up with those that are willing to help you for free. 


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

No more Leaky bottles!

I heard a lot of people say that their animal bottles leak.. Clay told me I was doing it all wrong as I thought my bottles were leaking too. This is the best way to keep your animals with lots of water and dry!

More babies.. on the farm.. our new baby guinea pigs! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What happened in the Winter Crash of 2013

   Last year I used to snuggle on the sofa with my big comfy blanket watch TV and work on my laptop through the winter..and then it happened... CRASH.. the 2013 crash of my computer. I found out that the fan in your laptop needs some air and all those comfy fluff from my blanket found a new home inside my computer and caused it to over heat.. This year I use a cutting board and even blow a fan on my computer... I need to get a cooling pad but until then.. try this..
How to keep your laptop from overheating ---> click here

Need another way to store your cucumbers? Dehydrate! ck out the videos below for the how to :) 

Finally a fun and safe way to get rid of all those pesky flies... great for parties and some silly fun! 

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Learn how to make a zig zag afghan - super easy!

Learn how to make some gorgeous afghans! click the video below.. This is a favorite pattern of mine and I have used this for many years.

Count the cost... some say 70% of  first time farmers fail click here to read more..

I was fortunate, in that I married into farming. Clay had been in farming over 40 years and is a excellent teacher. I feel like since 2010 when we met I have had a college education. But don't feel discouraged we have created videos, and training and will continue to do so to pour all of our farming and business knowledge to you. I have 40 plus years of business under my belt. We want to encourage you to take the leap ... one thing I know from being in business after 5 years you are golden. It takes a few years of trial and error, and gathering information. You can pretty much do anything professionally if you do it 8 hours a day... most professionals know if you have passion it becomes a 24/7 thing but... after that like a college education you should be able to actually teach others if you have applied yourself and to pass your skills on. There is so much to the farming lifestyle that it never is a bore and there are constantly new adventures.. raising chickens, knitting, canning, soap making.. you can figure out the basics and then tweek it like a good recipe to make it work for your family. The main goal is to make sure like Clay taught me to make your "hobby" your farm pay for itself and if you want to make it a business you should after 5 years make a profit that hopefully you can live off of. From coming from a business world.. farmers are smart.. and many retirees are taking on farming for extra income or if you are a single mom , a missionary, preacher, or a family that needs extra income you can even earn a little extra if you do the research and can get your expenses lower than your profit or vs/vs. Prepare yourself for success .. don't wing it .. if you run your farm like a business vs a hobby you may make a productive farm that supports itself and even make a profit. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time for a bathroom overhaul

      One of my many skills is professional interior design although I threw off that hat ... my bathroom is in desprate need of some TLC ... 
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  Will you be eating fake meat in the future?

Fake Meat? ....the future? ... My family are not vegans we like to actually raise our own meat but do purchase meat we don't raise,  such as beef, pork , etc..  With the rise of people becoming vegans fake meat may be in the future. click here to read more For our family we have concerns about the health of our food in stores too, but I pretty much believe pray over it and use wisdom but if you have concerns about your meat you may want to consider raising your own flock of chickens or rabbits, etc.. it is pretty easy and it is much easier than you may suspect.  

 Life gets crazy ... but remember enter enter enter !

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