Friday, April 17, 2015

Crochet - African Violets - Cooking and sweepstaking

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How to become a Sweeper and Win Sweepstakes Big Time!

Here we go.. I'm teaching you guys some awesome lifeskills and this one is a money making one. I love sweepstaking because I win all the time and the money really really helps! You can do this too. Like I shared in my recent post on couponing.. Draw in close and read my blog everyday I am going to teach you what I know so you can do it too.. after all I can't take all the knowledge God has given with me.. freely I have received so freely I am giving to you.
Okay, let's roll up our sleeves.. here.. Keep reading my blog as I will be talking about sweepstakes frequently and I want you to not just play but to win and win like I do 5-20 a month. Okay.. go back and read some of my other posts on sweepstaking if you would like.. today here are some cool ways to get more sweepstakes
- Do google alerts. - get a gmail and then sign up for google alerts and type in words like sweepstaking, sweepstake ending, Official rules, etc..  you'll find the words that you like and then these alerts will come right to your mail box- You can score some easy new sweepstakes this way- also type in your state here too for odd to find sweepstakes.
- Get 2 big long boxes for index cards
In one box when you enter a sweepstake write it down so you don't get disqualified if you enter too many times for one time entries. Also get dividers or make your own that say Sunday - Sat or one for Monthly for dailies etc.. then go through the box daily for your entries. You can also make a easy entry sheet in your computer so you can just click on each link. May be a little work but by doing both it will help if your computer ever crashes.
For the second box - KEEP EVERY SINGLE SWEEPSTAKE- Even if it is over you can check it periodically to see if they have a new sweepstake next year. Example The Dream home is done every year etc..
- Sweepstake consistently. Set a time limit for the MUST SWEEPSTAKES do those first and then enter extras. - Here is what I mean about that.. Skip all the "junk sweepstakes" and go for the CARS, 50,000, etc.. Enter all those and the things you may really want like a TV or computer and then start trying to win the little stuff like a shirt, or make up, etc.. Look at your sweepstakes on how much you win in a year rather than how much you win a month.. just my thought.. I think you will find over time you are WINNING BIGGER MORE OFTEN!

Start a blog.. if you don't have one.. share your tips on sweepstaking and help others it's a lot more fun to win with the help of others and to rejoice when a friend wins! If you need to start a blog just go to gmail for a email and then sign up for blogger if you need help email me at and write in the subject line Ruthie help me start a blog :) I will be happy to help everyone for free . Networking is smart in sweepstaking. I think for my friends the very act of helping others will help you grow in your sweepstaking endeavors. I don't want to win trips etc.. so I am always happy to share these too on Facebook, etc.. and if I don't win I am happy for my friends.. You have to be a good sport in sweepstaking if you get too aggressive it's usually going to take all the fun out of it.
* I pray to win! Hey why not! We have won things at times that were really timely for my family.

* Write to companies and ASK them to do a sweepstake? What can it hurt.. You never know they may just send you a FREE coupon too :)
Okay.. I hope this helps you to live a better life. Sweepstaking is so much fun you will love it !
I do list sweepstakes and freebies daily here so please feel free to enter any of these as well as to join me on twitter where I love to share with my friends as well :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yard sale anyone?

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Tips on having a yard sale
I admit it, I love yard sales! When I get ready to do mine here is what I do..
I like to start a week before and clean everything in sight and when I come across things I no long want I toss them in the box. I price things to move because I don't want anything coming back in the house with me again. Posting on all the social media sites is cheaper and easier than bothering with the Newspaper and  hanging up flyers. Although it's not a bad idea if your budget allows it. Taking a box and marking 25 cents each is great for small items. Wearing a fanny pack to make change on the spot helps too, so I don't have to run into the house again. During the sale I like to relax and let people look and buy what they want. When the whole thing is done I pack it up put it in the car and donate it to the Rescue Mission. I find it best to do my yard sales May, June and early July after that or before doesn't work well in New York but it is a good way to clean out my extras. I love going to them more than having them these days but either way they are a lot of fun!
   here I am up at 3 am .. 
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make your family a rag rug

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Fried Rabbit
After rabbit has been dressed (cleaned and skinned)
cut in pieces.
Soak in salt water for 8-10 hours - 1 tbs salt to 1 qt of water.  Remove from water and  pat dry with a paper towel.
Coat pieces with flour.
Place in a HOT skillet containing about 1/4 cup of butter. Cover and fry to golden brown turning frequently.
Season with salt and pepper.
For the gravy- Remove the the rabbit when tender to a hot platter and stir in 1 tbs of flour into the fat on the skillet. gradually adding 1 cup of cool water stirring constantly bring to a boil and cook for 1-2 minutes longer stirring constantly.

This is a fun project for the whole family.. make rag rugs ! (Don't forget to subscribe to our channel :) 

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

how to make bread pudding

After the long winter it feels good to get the Spring chores started.

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We used to love it when Momma made bread pudding when we were kids. This is a treat your kids will love.
2 eggs well beaten
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups milk
2 tbsp cinnamon
4 cups bread
put bread in baking pan pour mixture over  the top and bake at 350 for 25 min. serve warm. serves 6

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Barn clean up

Yesterday while I was down with a bad cold Clay spent the day cleaning the barn.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Quail and button quail unboxing

Hi everyone... we got our quail in yesterday! wooo hooo! My guinea pig also had 5 babies what a day! I have a chest cold today so I will be in and out online today as I am pretty social.. so today's post will be a little shorter.. but go subscribe to our you tube channel and hang out with us there --
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Thursday, April 9, 2015



hey everyone.. Raymour and Flangan is having a big sale in Clay, New York .. If you go ask for JEFF CARTER you can also message me and I will be happy to connect you with Jeff... I usually don't refer friends like this but I know that Jeff will give you a nice deal and he's a brother in the Lord as well :)

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Why you should thrift shop to stay out of debt


The joys of Orgami. One of the fun hobbies I have picked up is Orgami. It's great for entertaining little ones as well as to use in my decorating of my planners and projects. What is nice about this hobby is you will be amazed at all the ways you will find this hobby useful. Here are just a few ways you can use Orgami in your everyday life.

Dazzle your friends with your folding of napkins, toilet paper, and gift tags.

Make mobiles and wreaths not only with paper but with fabrics, etc.. you can easily "SEW" a stitch or two to make things hold.

Delight your family with your folding skills as you make bookmarkers and decorate everyday letters and cards.
It's a lot of fun... get the whole family involved!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Come take a step in Social Media by joining Veda

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Weiner Schnitzel

2 lbs veal round steak - cutlet cut to 1/2 inch thickness
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 egg
1/4 c milk
1 c bread crumbs
4 tbs butter
6 eggs for frying later 

cut meat into 6 pieces. Mix 
breadcrubs salt, pepper and flour. In another bowl put in egg and milk. Dip each piece in egg and milk then in bread crumb mixture. Put butter in pan and fry each piece. Fry 6 eggs and put one egg on each piece of meat and serve. 

   Coming soon to the farm ... HOUSEPLANTS! If you are a lover of houseplants join us as we share our love indoor gardening! 
These plants are considered essentially non-toxic (safe, not poisonous). Symptoms from eating these plants are unlikely.
AbeliaBlack OliveDandelionImpatiensSanseveria
Absynnian Sword LilyBlood Leaf PlantDogwoodJade PlantScheffelera
African PalmBoston FernDonkey TailKalanchoeSensitive Plant
African VioletBouganvillaDracaenaLilacSpider Plant
Airplane PlantCactusEaster LilyLily (Day, Easter or Tiger)Swedish Ivy
Aluminum PlantCalifornia HollyEchevariaLipstick PlantUmbrella Plant
AraliaCalifornia PoppyEucalyptusMagnoliaViolets
ArucariaCameliaEugeniaMarigoldWandering Jew
Asparagus FernChristmas CactusFlowering CrabMonkey PlantWeeping Fig
AspidistraColeusGardeniaNorfolk PineWeeping Willow
AsterCorn PlantGloxiniaPeperomiaWild Onion
Baby's TearsCrab ApplesGrape IvyPetuniaZebra Plant
Batchelor ButtonsCreeping JennyHedge ApplePrayer Plant
BambooCrotonHen & ChicksPurple Passion
Bird's Nest FernDaisiesHoyaImage result for don't forgetRose

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