Saturday, April 19, 2014


Harvey is settling in nicely and watches Kitchen Nightmares with Clay and I ... I am sure Harvey would love to get served a nice dish of apples, celery and carrots by Chef Ramsay! 


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Friday, April 18, 2014

The First Swim of the YEAR!

We decided it was time for our new goslings to have a swim so our 1 week old babies had a dip... we had a beautiful video of the babies diving under water etc.. but we were so excited the video ran too long and we had to do a reshoot but still here is some footage...

Then we grabbed a big fluffy towel and dried off each gosling and put them back in their little pen with the heat light to get warm! 

Honestly, my skin hasn't felt this clean in years! 
Neoteric Cosmetics sent me Montage Jeunesse facial masks to try and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my skin feels after trying these. I feel like I was cleaned from the inside out. So so so... easy to use too! Click here to check out all their great products. Women need "pampering" it's in our make up as the "weaker vessel" we can't just go and go putting out for our families without ever taking in to renew our strength for the next mile. Do something "special' for you.. and by taking care of YOU you keep the world around you.. husbands, kids, etc.. going too :) 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Even gooses get sleepy....

Very sleepy baby geese

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Italian Leather Journals with Hand-Cut Pages If you are a serious writer you will want to check out Epic Journals. All my friends who are writers will love these! The HIGHEST quality and a wonderful gift for friends etc... I fell in love with mine. These are higher end journals which I strongly feel that if you are going to journal purchase the best so it will last for generations. 

Come take a trip to the wild west! 

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Now for a my review for those who want to see more ... Blood, sweat and tough living during the civil war... dry and dusty.. 
Charles shoots it out with some guys that leads a reporter to write a book about him .. one adventure after another shoot outs, sheriffs and life was cheap. Get on your horse and ride along on a good mental vacation.. but don't look behind you .. you may find a group of indians..or a gunslinger! You won't put this one down. What is really amazing to me is that this is the first Western that Joe Corso has written. A MUST read if you love westerns or not .. you will love this one!!! THE LONE JACK KID BY Joe Corso pick up a copy at


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The Goslings are taking over!

The goslings are so excited to see us that they get all over you. Lots of fun for sure! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Harvey and the goslings are taking our hearts

We adopted Harvey on Fridays and already this little "piggie" is stealing our hearts. His bachelor pad isn't a lonely place as we put him smack in our dining room on a big table that we are going to work on to make his home even more comfortable. He's about a year and 1/2 old and he purrs and whistles and he's really friendly. 

Clay and I are bonding with our goslings. We have been talking and petting them constantly to welcome them to their new home. 


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Working on our you tube channel... ooh yeah welcome Spring 2014!

Clay and I have been making videos on and off on you tube for awhile but we want to have a channel with more farming info for all of you please help us out by subscribing :) Hope you enjoy! On this video Clay had me hopping all week.. running running running... setting up animal pens, cooking, shopping, Busy on the farm!  (Don't look at my hair haaa!) 

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A real page turner here Alberto Hazan's Dr. Vigilante. It took me a bit to get this book up here for review as others in my family read it also. The good doctor works during the day treating patients but at night he goes after those who hurt his patients-- rapist and the like. If you like crime stories you will enjoy this. The book takes a spin as Robert falls in love with Sharon a social worker and starts to rethink his activities. Sharon tells him his outcome will be jail or he'll be dead. All said Pick up a copy and I didn't want to leave any spoilers for you and enjoy the read but be prepared to sit up all night reading as once you get started you won't be able to put this down! If you have a husband who loves to read a great book for Father's Day which isn't too far off too!  To purchase your copy go to


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Monday, April 14, 2014

Build a chicken Plucker it's a lot faster!

Clay built a chicken plucker a few years back. It only takes 15 seconds to pluck a chicken and they are way worth it. If you have a big flock you may want to consider building one yourself or contacting someone locally as some people rent out their  chicken pluckers.


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