Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relax ... it will change your life

         My family has made Sunday our "REST" DAY... 

I can't say enough good about this.. as my whole family looks forward to Sundays. 

My ideal Sunday goes like this..
Get up...
drink some coffee.. 
get ready for church 
toss some food in the crockpot
Go to church and then the rest of the day everyone can watch TV, enjoy the outdoors, read, do crafts, etc... 

I think people have lost sight of how much we all need one day to just relax. I think it is smart to PLAN for the day of rest.. so "life" doesn't rob you of it.. get your clothes ready the night before , pick out what you are going to eat and through the week if you find a special book or craft you can set it aside to enjoy it on Sunday. It didn't take my family long to start to enjoy it, but then slowly things will creep in and we will have to force ourselves to say NO this is our day of rest. .. as we just  have one more chore we want to do.. but if you "train your family" to work all week towards this.. it will become a "staple" and everyone can enjoy looking forward to Sundays. Start this with your family and watch how this brings a more relaxing home for your family. 

The sentence - The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. uses every letter of the alphabet



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.... my poison ivy saga... and having to use my left hand more since I have poison ivy on the right hand...
one good thing is that 56% of typing while on the computer is done by your left hand.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Updates from around here... 

Cindy still hasn't had her babies but boy is she fat! 

     We found hidden cucumbers under the water troth of our bucket system.

  Hannah our hen.. who is raising the guinea hen babies laid a egg today. She hasn't laid for a few months.

    Our new feeder fish are adjusting well, although we did lose one today but all the other fish are happy and swimming about :) in our fish tank.

This is the best Laundry Soap ever! NO GRATING all dry ingredients and cost about $20 a YEAR!!!!

We made our yearly homemade laundry soap... here is the recipe.. 
1 4 lb box of borox
1lb box of baking soda
1 3lb box of arm and hammer super washing suds
Boraxo Powder Hand soap

dump all 4 powders together and use 2 tsp per large load.

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My life as a one gloved woman

    My life as a one gloved woman...

Realizing what I thought was hay rash was actually poison ivy has made my life spectacular the last few days. Never having poison ivy I didn't know what to expect one of the few pitfalls of  coming from being a city girl to being a country woman now. At first I didn't do anything not knowing any treatments.. but with the itch, itch itch and concern that it could spread.. I immediately did what any good church girl would do and prayed.. SALT! --made sense to me , so I made a paste of salt and water.. Now at my house I sleep in 2 shifts... shift one.. over night with my husband who wakes up at 3 am daily to go to work, I make his breakfast, lunch etc.. then jump back in the sack for my next sleep... well I noticed that in my bed I had a nice "sandy" feel ... salt everywhere.. so a quick shake of the sheets and salt tossed all over the bedroom that needed a good dusting anyway.. the dust bunnies had now grown to full grown rabbits.. and so I took on the one glove.. feeling a little cool like Michael Jackson from the eighties I did wonder...hmmm.. yep, Michael really had a bad case of poison ivy and everyone thought that was his trademark... I realized that the dishes and laundry had to be done .. as always as my guys never allow the kitchen to stop more than a 15 seconds as Russell promptly, joked.. mom got hit buy a motorcycle... it ran right through the kitchen... smart pants.. so I was constantly on and off again taking off the glove.. and then I sat down on my computer and realized it was either risk touching my face or  my husband and spread the plague.. so had to do something so  I cut my fingers off the glove and now my way cool work glove was transformed  into one of those no fingered gloves...I began to think  about all the beautiful projects I made in the past and since I am a bit hyper and hate to sit that long in the car. I pulled out my crochet hook and decided I'd make a project (I will post my hat and scarf, later) ..while traveling to see my sweet 83 year old mother who being a full blooded  , like me,  clean german made sure I kept that glove on and opt out of my kiss good bye.. as I too didn't want to "touch" my sweet mommy. Well after 3 days I will say the PI (poison Ivy) is definitely clearing up and my trips to the bathroom aren't as creative ... it's on my right hand and I did read horror stories of people who had to deal with the PI down under.. and the thought of pouring bleach on my hand or anything else if you know what I mean.. yipes.. all the good country folk.. my husband being the first to tell me .. "Pour BLEACH on it "-(I will if I must!) but really wanted to avoid that like the plague. Good news is the Poison Ivy is contained I figured out I didn't have shingles or measles and I got it licked as it's days are numbered. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Arch Enemy Number One has attacked.. we have countered with nature's fury!

Arch Enemy Number one has attacked but we have attacked back with natures fury-- POISON IVY attacked by salt!

Having my very first time having poison ivy! I thought it may have been hay rash ... but after showing my country friends they told me they thought it was poison ivy....

My country friends all told me USE BLEACH... may try that ... but first I am going to use the salt rememdy ... keep me in your prayers to get rid of the poison ivy!!!

Poison Ivy!!!!
     Here is how I treat poison ivy... which I have on my hand right now.... Just make a paste of straight salt and keep on infected area.. stop itch and say bye bye to the poison ivy!

      A Balanced Diet...and a lifestyle for good health...

Did you know that you may actually be overweight yet lacking a good diet? If the effects don't show up now they may show up later... As a Mom and Dads too, it is your responsibility to make sure your family is eating well..

plenty of water, a small portion of meat, lots of fruits and veggies and oil, breads, dairy etc.. This is a very simple way to stay healthy and to keep and maintain good health. This is the way Mom and Dad taught me and I am passing this on to you.. check with your doctor to make sure this is what you should do.

protein and fruit

Lunch - vegetables

Supper - small piece of meat lots of fruits and veggies milk and bread

Basically your food should be proteins and tons of fruits and veggies and one good full meal - one serving.

when you are thirsty DRINK WATER
and when you need a snack - EAT A VEGETABLE.. pretty much if you live like this you will be healthy and lose and maintain weight...

more also ... good hard work.. if you don't use your muscles you will lose them.. skip the gym... look around your house and outdoors look at repair work and gardening, etc.. roll up your sleeves get to work.. good for the mind and body...

relaxing.. and laughter.. and bible reading.. yep.. a healthy mind is important

more.. think "PRETTYTHOUGHTS" - phil 4;8 you don't have to rehearse all of life's griefts or TALK about them.. watch happy shows, think about the future (the past is done and gone) and watch what a difference this will make!!!

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