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Monday, September 1, 2014

His Royal Highness King Samson Oladipupo

9684345        We were blessed to hear His Royal Highness King Reverend Samson Oladipupo at our church. It was beautiful to see his royal clothing and to hear his story how he became the first Christian King in Nigeria. He rules over 17 cities and is making a difference by helping the people he oversees as well as preaching to the nations.  He started a Bible School, helped dig a well so people wouldn't have to walk 3-4 miles, building a school for children etc. I have to say I loved looking at him and it filled my heart with joy to hear how God works and cares for people. His story is similar to that of Joseph in the Bible as well as it is neat to see how His father was 105 and even though His Royal Highness King Reverend King Samson Oladipupo was denied by his family for his new faith God worked it out that he was actually  sought out to be the King and to make a difference.   To hear his story click here

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

4 Tips to get a better work out

    Guest post by Russell Appleby
4 tips to get a better workout

1. Drink Water
This is an easy one and very important. When you work out for awhile your body begins to get tired and dehydrated. Drinking water during your workout will help you to work out harder and keep your energy up. Drinking water will help your body to keep working and work easier allowing you to get better results, also water has zero calories so it can't do anything but help you.

2. Push yourself
doing the same workout every day won't help you in the long run. If you were able to do 10 push ups on your last workout try for 15 this time. By pushing yourself little by little you will be able to lose more weight and build more muscle. You will also see your progress as you go from only being able to do certain things to being able to do alot of things and a lot of them!

3. Set up a routine
Plan out your workout, A lot of muscle heads and big work out people will set themselves goals for their workout. Take a piece of paper and write something like jogging for 30 minutes, 25 push ups, 25 sit ups. and then go and do it! by doing this you will progress more and also have a set plan which will help you to keep with your workout.

4. Stay Motivated
During your workout don't  just give up after 15 minutes and say that's enough, See how hard and how long you can go with your workout routine. By staying motivated you will keep to your workout plans and get a better workout than you would if you workout without being motivated. Motivation like everything in life is very important, and with staying motivated in your workouts you will get a better workout and see more results!

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 Tips to save money on your grocery bill


5 Tips on how to save money on your grocery bill by guest blogger Russell Appleby Jr. 

With the economy the way it is, we are all trying to scrounge up a few dollars here and there. and well for most of us buying groceries is something that we have to do, so here are a few tips on how to lower your grocery bill!

1. Use coupons
Surprisingly there are a lot of people who don't  use coupons when they are buying their groceries and because of this they are missing out big! Coupons could save you a ton of money at the check out and some people known as extreme couponers have even been known to buy a hundred dollars worth of things for only a few bucks.

2. Look for sales
when we enter the store a lot of times we will see offers such as buy one get one free, or half off on fish sticks, looking for sales and taking advantage of them can help you save alot of money on your bill, and is probably the most simple out of all these tips. Combined with coupons you can purchase a lot of items for very cheap or possibly free.

3.Buy off brands
This is another easy tip that can help you save a ton of money. We all want those super duper cookies but  the super wooper brand are cheaper. Buying the off brand of a certain cookie or pasta, can help you save a ton of money, and usually the food will taste the same or very similar. Think of it like this if you save a dollar each time you buy an off brand as opposed to a normal brand and you have to buy fifty items at the store, then in theory you are saving yourself fifty bucks!

4. Buy more veggies
Sometimes this tip doesn't always come through, but usually buying a bag of potatoes and making your own french fries at home will be cheaper than buying a frozen bag of fries. A lot of junk food has extra taxes on them which can sneakily raise your grocery bill. Buying more healthy alternatives as opposed to a bunch of cookies, chips, and soda can help you save money and help get you healthy as well!

5. Buy In bulk
Another tip that doesn't work for everyone but if done correctly and with the right products you can create a food storage that is always full and save lots of money. grocery stores want to get as much of their product as out as possible and if you see a sale for example 10 bottles of ketchup for fifty cents each then it is a much better deal then buying them individually. At first buying in bulk can not always work but if you start to build up items at home you will be able to better afford other items in bulk because you already have a bunch of stuff in stock at home because you bought so many awhile back. This tip does not always work because food does expire, but items like ketchup, canned goods, and freezer items if you have a storage freezer, can work out amazingly and save you a bunch of money in the long run.


United States Daylight Saving Time Start and End Dates

YearDST Begins at 2 a.m.DST Ends at 2 a.m.
2009March 08November 1
2010March 14November 7
2011March 13November 6
2012March 11November 4
2013March 10November 3
2014March 09November 2
2015March 08November 1
2016March 13November 6
2017March 12November 5
2018March 11November 4

If you live in the USA above are the times for Daylight savings. 

      As the weather is turning a little more cool and autumn is fast approaching I like to find a nice cozy spot, pour a cup of coffee and dig into a nice book. His Montana Sweetheart by Ruth Logan Herne is one of my sweet romances. I love reading romances that are true to life and not full of a lot of sexual content and focus more on the things that  make a relationship last. In this book Olivia returns to her little country home town and even though she doesn't admit it she's also returning to her first love Jack. This is a coming to terms book for Oliva "Liv" dealing with what she is really about, and that is more than just superficial girl but a salt of the earth girl! She realizes that big paychecks and city life isn't all that and a bag of chips. i Life is much much more!  She finds her place, her love and who she really is and finds true happiness. I loved the book and recommend it highly to all. You can pick up a copy by going to or just click here


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Friday, August 29, 2014

Rooster plays Momma to Guinea Hens

   This is so hilarious our Rooster is Momma to our Guinea Hens. Watch the video and enjoy a good laugh :) 

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How to make your own Coffee creamer

   plus  2 cups of  

Here is how to make your own coffee creamer which is approx. 1.25 for a container verses the brand names.

you take a container of Sweetened Condensed Milk and add 2 cups of whole milk

    Amazing Red Eyed Guinea Pig. I love how my sweet little guinea pig has such a soft look and sharing about them with my friends.

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My family really loves oogies snacks. This is a great item for lunches for school and for sporting events and just for relaxing with the family check out our video and for more information http://www.

   Having a bit of fun on cleaning day ... after a few days of nonstop running the house needed a good overall. 

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If you want to tweak it you can add vanilla flavoring or extract or any other flavoring.  You put it in a container and put in in your fridge and it should last a week.

Wow! What a great tasting product the Naked Infusions are! We were sent a nice assortment of Naked Infusion salsa. Immediately we started to "chow down" on them as they looked so yummy in the jars. We were also send Naked Infusion chips to go with them they were crisp and light and dipping them in the salsa was pure delish! What I loved about the salsa was that it held it's heat as well as taste. They also had some unique flavors besides the traditional ones which they carry such as "Rustic Blue Cheese" and Black Silk Expresso". Check out all the really cool products at

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Watch these amazing Sneaky Guinea Hens as they steal a nest

    We've been enjoying our guinea hens trying to steal a nest. They are sitting on a bunch of eggs so we may have a bunch of new babies soon. This was actually a little area that we "on purpose" let grow up so that the guinea hens and chickens could have some special chow down time on some new greens. 


Farming requires a mega loads of laundry. I was happy to be able to be sent from Wisk a couple products to review. Not to sound gross but hard work on the farm requires a lot of work and "SWEAT". The new Wisk Deep clean blasts works great on keeping my family fresh. The average adult working hard can put out 2 gallons of sweat yucky! ... but now with my Wisk I feel like I am taking back my family's clothing in the war on spotless and fresh clothing. I love the Wisk liquid as well the scent is wonderful and nothing feels better at the end of a hard day than to snuggle under a nice soft fresh smelling sheet. I don't care if you sit in a office all day .. like me some days or work out in the heat .. cleanliness is a must! Check out the fine Wisk site there is lots to look at there plus... don't forget with school starting to "stock up " on some Wisk Deep Clean Power Blasts and our favorite regular Wisk.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Watch out for the Fox and lots of #FREEBIES TODAY ON THE BLOG

    Here is a crafty critter you won't want to see on your farm. I have seen this beautiful creature a few times since I moved out to the country but thankfully not in my yard!    A fox will clean out your chickens in a night.. he'll kill them all in hopes of dragging them to his home for a nice tasty meal. We have guinea hens and geese to alarm us if they see Mr. Fox.   Fox are pretty cool in that they eat both plants and animals and all kinds of stuff...including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! They will eat berries like our mulberry tree in the yard or our strawberries. Some people actually even keep foxes for pets  The chicken farmer is well aware of the vices of the fox. The fox is relentless in pursuing a good chicken meal especially in the Spring when they want to feed new family. They can jump a 6 foot fence and will look for openings to get in and can dig to get under fences too. Electric fences are helpful as well as a bigger dog to guard your flock. If you have guinea pigs, mice, chickens etc.. you may attract foxes to your property. One of our FREE classes this Fall is Predators of the Farm.. so enjoy clicking on the side bar for all the tips and helps to protect your farm. 

 Being an American and a christian I was curious to see what percentage of Japan were christians, since Clay and I are arm traveling to Japan for the next few months. As a kid I had tons of penpals so I am loving being able to chat with people from around the world via the internet and to watch you tubes, tweeting, etc.. A penpals dream is to grow up and be a armchair travel via the internet! 
From what I gathered only 1% of Japan is Christian. 

      The Japanese Bible


John 3:16

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to catch a chicken

How to catch a chicken! Whenever we have to round up our chickens to move them from one barn to another, which happens occasionally when we do some reorganizing of our flock we always do it at night. When your chickens "go to beddy bye" and sit up on the roost at night it is a lot easier to pick them up and move them than to chase them all over the chicken yard. Little things like this can really help you in your farming and make a short work of moving a chicken or two than to do a lot of chasing around.. another trick is to sneak up with them with a tool ...some make their own..strong shepherd's hook out of a good coat hanger...

You sneak up hook their leg slide your hand down the rod real quick and catch your chicken this way. 

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