Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Your chickens are actually pretty hardy...Clay has been telling me for years...What gets the chicken is the drafts... Keep them dry and out of a draft. Spring and Fall are the times that are really the hardest on your chickens.Keep them Dry and away from drafts. 


Outside we have lots of baby chicks. We still aren't 100% sure what type of chicks we have from the auction but we do know that we have Australorp chicks which are the black ones that we just love as they are so friendly and lay lots of brown eggs which I love.


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Someone HONKED at ME!

Week old Goslings ... growing fast... Our goslings are growing fast... They think we are their parents and it is funny because they will look up and call to us and want us there. The key to getting your baby goslings friendly is to bond with them right after they hatch out of the egg. We say Hi goose, goose, goose.. they get all excited and are more like a "DOG" in the fact that they will talk to you and bring you into their "inner circle". Although I have to admit as I am working they will call me over with their cuteness and now are getting a bit noisy and I even heard one give his first HONK! Which totally surprised me as I thought that was a bit early! 

We had a wonderful visit with Momma over the Easter Holiday.  I really wanted to film more with her but we just got too busy. Family is important. I am so thankful my mom taught me to live for God and brought me to church it makes a big difference in life. My thought on church and godliness is a bit like cleanliness.. would you consider going out without a bath then why would you not go to church.. Just imagine saying to a 10 year old boy.. oh choose for yourself to take a bath or not.. really ... I say be smart.. take your kids to church and teach them right from wrong. I feel for me that I am not really doing my job if I didn't teach my son right from wrong. 

   I had another trip to the dentist.. which now I call my "beauty treatments!" as I am getting all my dental work straightened out before I get into my 60's! (I am 51) It was fun today as it only took the dentist a few minutes to work on me and when I first got there the receptionist took my photograph. I guess this is something new that medical professionals are doing. One of the things I have been personally doing is brushing at times with a "child's toothbrush" as it is smaller and I want to make sure I get a good brushing. I also like to use Listerine Whitening as it also helps to whiten my teeth as well as to use a flouride rinse after I brush. Just some tips for those of us who like to try different types of oral "beauty care!". Did you know in a pinch you can brush your teeth with salt or baking soda? 


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Why I ditched Cable

Hi guys :) Clay and I have such a heart to want to help families. I feel this information will really help all of you who are standing on the fence about cable...or haven't heard about this.  First of all I want to let you know that this isn't a sponsored post but a item that I feel that families need to really consider. I have always been a huge media type girl. When Clay and I discussed changing our cable around as the bill just kept getting higher and higher we checked out several products and a friend of mine on twitter -- I am @R47R there suggested Roku. We shopped locally and in the end decided to just purchase it right online as we liked the idea of having it come right to our front door. It has been a year now and I do not miss my old cable at all and would not go back! Roku is more than I ever expected and it is getting better everyday as more and more perks are added. I am able to watch all my shows at one time example while I work from my home I turn on Murder She wrote and can watch the entire season and not just that but ALL THE SEASONS one after another.. they have Netflix, AE, History Channel, YOU TUBE, ( I don't personally see why I need to purchase a smart TV since mine isn't broken) and the list goes on and on. My mom came to visit me who is 83 and she loved it so much she is purchasing one this week. My husband has told his friends and I tell mine. It is one of those products that you will just have to tell your friends about as it is the cat's meow.. but that is not the best part... although it is in a way.. but the cost.. it's a ONE TIME BUY and you are good to go. You can purchase programs on demand and all that if you want.. but there is so much we never have. I relate it to your electric bill why pay example a 100 a month when you can do it one time and that is the end of it. I also took all my You tube favorite shows and made a playlist and can watch them on my TV ( I can search for more from Roku) but now I can just sit and watch all my stuff that I love ... You can watch Pople BackyardFarm on you tube if you like right on your TV from You tube.. I just love it. I want my audience to be in the know and this particular product may mean a vacation for many of you who are purchasing cable at top dollar.  It really is the cat's meow! You can purchase this at http://www.roku.com/ check it out and remember Father's Day is right around the corner and mother's day too.  I made the decision I wouldn't pay big bucks for cable even if it meant reading a book... but Roku is so much much better than cable I can watch more Now.. and when I want it then I ever did with cable.. and may I note that I used to own one of those big satellites and this is even better than that you can't beat it.


30 Days of No Gossip by Stephanie Faris is a youth book. Emma makes an agreement with her friend Vi not to gossip for 30 days. Those juicy tidbits that make people run and stick around to hear the latest. Emma writes an unofficial gossip newsletter that she hands out in front of the cafeteria to everyone. A great story for all young and old alike! I enjoy reading books for for all ages and I had a great time reading this as I put on a facial peel and relaxed!  You can pick up a copy at amazon.com

Who Killed Tom Jones by Gale Martin

   Who Killed Tom Jones by Gale Martin 

You are going to love love LOVE this book. I couldn't stop laughing. Especially those of us who can remember songs like "What's New Pussy Cat" and Tom Jones in all his swagger! Emily is born a few years too late and is in hopes of meeting a love like Tom Jones for herself she attends a Tom Jones look a like event and OH NO.. One of them is murdered! The story expands as Senior Citizens get involved and a whole bunch of crazy fun! Pick up a copy for yourself at Amazon.com for some great summer reading. 

     Gold Rush Girl by Suzanne Lilly
is Book One of the California Argonauts series. Lucinda is 16 and both her parents have passed on and even though Lucinda knew some herbal remedies she didn't have the skills to help them so she takes on the passion of becoming a doctor and will do anything to get there which leads her into the California Gold Rush. She hooks up with George and together they face many trials. I felt that the book really brought the "feel" in of the era and really loved the character of Lucinda as a strong young woman who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to face all odds to get there. To pick up your copy go to Amazon.com


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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Harvey is settling in nicely and watches Kitchen Nightmares with Clay and I ... I am sure Harvey would love to get served a nice dish of apples, celery and carrots by Chef Ramsay! 


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Friday, April 18, 2014

The First Swim of the YEAR!

We decided it was time for our new goslings to have a swim so our 1 week old babies had a dip... we had a beautiful video of the babies diving under water etc.. but we were so excited the video ran too long and we had to do a reshoot but still here is some footage...

Then we grabbed a big fluffy towel and dried off each gosling and put them back in their little pen with the heat light to get warm! 

Honestly, my skin hasn't felt this clean in years! 
Neoteric Cosmetics sent me Montage Jeunesse facial masks to try and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful my skin feels after trying these. I feel like I was cleaned from the inside out. So so so... easy to use too! Click here to check out all their great products. Women need "pampering" it's in our make up as the "weaker vessel" we can't just go and go putting out for our families without ever taking in to renew our strength for the next mile. Do something "special' for you.. and by taking care of YOU you keep the world around you.. husbands, kids, etc.. going too :) 

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Even gooses get sleepy....

Very sleepy baby geese

Epica journals -----> http://www.Epica.com

Italian Leather Journals with Hand-Cut Pages If you are a serious writer you will want to check out Epic Journals. All my friends who are writers will love these! The HIGHEST quality and a wonderful gift for friends etc... I fell in love with mine. These are higher end journals which I strongly feel that if you are going to journal purchase the best so it will last for generations. 

Come take a trip to the wild west! 

If you don't want any spoilers go here and don't read the following!!! 
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Now for a my review for those who want to see more ... Blood, sweat and tough living during the civil war... dry and dusty.. 
Charles shoots it out with some guys that leads a reporter to write a book about him .. one adventure after another shoot outs, sheriffs and life was cheap. Get on your horse and ride along on a good mental vacation.. but don't look behind you .. you may find a group of indians..or a gunslinger! You won't put this one down. What is really amazing to me is that this is the first Western that Joe Corso has written. A MUST read if you love westerns or not .. you will love this one!!! THE LONE JACK KID BY Joe Corso pick up a copy at Amazon.com


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