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Clay shows our winter flock of #CHICKENS AND #QUAIL

Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Product Review

Clay tries Ben and Jerry Ice Cream... he loves it!!!

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Ziwi peak product review

WOW Butter review


   If you have ever owned a piece of Stickley furniture you will know that these are unique pieces like no other. I personally love the feel of soft leather and the built of each piece of stickley furniture. Leather for me is my choice of furniture covering  because it breathes and lasts longer. I love sinking into the Stickley Leather chair and chatting with my family on long visits especially with my sister. Fortunately for me the Stickley showroom is in our local area but it is also online so I can shop right from my home and decide what pieces would look nice in my home.. and in the homes to be quite honest of my family who own some Stickley as many people in my local area do. Stickley is a upper scale furniture store but don't let that scare you as with income tax time and just the sound built of their furniture you really will find that there pieces are probably the best deal out there -- Why? Because their pieces are MADE well! To purchase your Stickley furniture please click here

   H O P E product review

    Green country razors  foot relief insoles

   Pomchies Review

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   salanpas review


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Making crafts is a good mental vacation !

Crafting is one of my favorite hobbies it is so relaxing. I love sewing, crochet, cooking, painting, ... just about anything that I can be creative in! I think it is important to find hobbies that you enjoy and even if it is only 5 minutes a day I try to work on something I love doing I think it is a good mental vacation :)

Mister Kitty goes crazy when he gets a Meow box! check out his review 

 GotyGoty Exercise pants review

Review of the Lazboy Maverick rocker recliner You may purchase yours by going here ---> The Lazboy Rocker recliner has many locking gears built  right into the chair for you to find the perfect position for your comfort level. If you go into a Lazboy gallery they will work with you to find the perfect chair that fits you and meets all your design needs. You can, but not required, have custom orders made with tons of fabric choices to choose from. You can even take fabric home to make sure it matches your decor before placing a order which is a nice feature. I love my lazboy it is so comfortable and I love putting my feet above my head while reclining to keep my body comfortable. The product is just wonderful and there are lots of guarantees and bells and whistles so to speak with the Lazboy recliner. If you are local and go to the Auburn Lazboy please ask for the manager and let them know that Ruthie Pople from the pople Backyard Farm sent you!

Photo of Cadence 18 Inch Decorative Pillows

Want to decorate your room super easy peezy ? Try this.. Pick 3 colors.. and then take those exact colors and repeat them all over the room at least 3 x' s and your room will look like it was professionally done! You can even pick a pillow like this one above from  for your inspiration piece and build your room around it and if it isn't in your budget to purchase new furniture or if you have pets you can also add a surefit over to decorate within your means or just to shake things up Photo of Deep Pile Velvet Non-Skid Furniture Cover

When shopping at the surefit site please let them know that Ruthie Pople from Pople Backyard Farm sent you! 

special event! 


New National Survey Reveals the Challenges People Have Expressing Heart-Felt Emotion; Snuggle Bear Gives You a Voice with the #BearYourHeart Campaign

WILTON, Conn. (January 21, 2016) – Singers have crooned about it, movies have dramatized it, studies have researched it.  Now, just-released national survey results document the challenges we have expressing our heart-felt emotions and telling those we care about how we really feel.   And no time period highlights this emotional challenge more than the 25 days between today, National Hug Day, and Valentine’s Day on February 14.

A new national survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Snuggle in January 2016 underscores the struggles people face “bearing” their hearts. Top findings include:

  • Four in five people (80%) would appreciate a loved one showing them heart-felt emotion on Valentine’s Day.
  • A significant proportion of people (37%) admit to being challenged when it comes to expressing heart-felt emotion to those they care about.  And for men, the number is even higher at 41%, compared with women at 33%.
  • Surprisingly, one in ten (10%) would rather go to the dentist than talk about how they really feel. 
  • Half (50%) say writing it down is an easier way to express themselves than saying it.

To help the tongue-tied and closet romantics out there, Snuggle Bear, the iconic embodiment of all things snuggly and soft, is here to help people express their feelings this Valentine’s season with the #BearYourHeart campaign.  This integrated promotional, social media and consumer engagement campaign offers digital Love Notes and Snuggle LOVEmojis to show those we care about how we really feel.  In addition, Snuggle Bear will invite New Yorkers to bear their hearts in a rare appearance right before Valentine’s Day.

As one of the fastest growing brands in the fabric conditioning category, Snuggle softens both hearts and laundry.  “Snuggle and Valentine’s Day are the perfect match because both bring out the softer side of us all,” said Bibie Wu, Vice President of Marketing, Snuggle.  “This Valentine’s Day, we’re spreading Snuggle’s message of making the world a softer place by providing people creative ways to share their heart-felt emotions with friends and loved ones.” 

Starting today on National Hug Day and continuing through Valentine’s Day, the #BearYourHeart campaign will give people the opportunity to express themselves to those they love through Love Notes, Snuggle LOVEmojis, and other engaging tools and tips. 
·         You can also find Snuggle LOVEmojis in the Apple and Android app stores for free.

To celebrate the campaign, New Yorkers are invited to visit the Snuggle Bear Den on February 11 at the Flatiron Plaza by Madison Square Park.  Snuggle will warm up The Big Apple with a full day of #BearYourHeart activities:
·         Snuggle Bear will be on hand to meet and take pictures with guests and encourage them to bear their hearts.
·         Guests can write a Love Note to someone special, take a picture, and watch it become part of a beautiful mosaic with thousands of other Love Notes which will be displayed on a massive digital screen. 
·         Guests can receive a plush Snuggle Bear of their own and get a chance to win the ultimate Valentine’s experience package. 

Lands' End Women's Velvet Boot Skirt    I remember when I was a  kid I always loved the feel of velvet. The Lands End velvet skirt is really pretty. It's super cold where I live and this is the perfect skirt to wear on those blustery days as they cover the top of my boots and also give me that retro feeling. Fashion has always been one of my favorite things and I love living between the city and the country because it opens up a whole new way of dressing. The velvet skirt would look elegant for a night out with my friends in the city with a elegant lace top or I can put on a vest and a soft flannel shirt if I choose to go to my local church and feel dressy and not out of place in my little country home.  You can purchase this gorgeous velvet skirt

  I have been using tummy drops for the past few years whenever I have a upset stomach. These were originally created by Gastroenterologist Dustin James MD. as a natural way to help his patients. Tummy drops. It is amazing how how in just a few minutes my stomach is settled down after just one tummy drop. There are many flavors and they really work!  What I love about these is that they are a natural way to soothe the stomach and they work fast. Check out their site to see more flavors and more information! 

I love this stuff ----> drEMU  check it out... (2 videos!)

This is my dream vacation.. A safari! You will see me here one day carrying my  When Clay and I got married it was in the winter and we did it right after work. We were anxious to tie the knot and begin our lifetime adventure together. We didn't go on a honeymoon right away because let's face it.. we were too busy building our life together! We have been talking about slipping out here and there to do some special things together and now it's time.. and just in time comes the cool bag!  As soon as I looked as I unboxed it I thought Wow! This is perfect for our quick little Day trips which is what we are all about - We love Zoos, adventure and just all kinds of critters! Perfect for packing some nice clothes for dinner, a bathing suit or even lunch as it has a ice pack as well! I used to fly a lot and I think this is true of most people that travel they learn quickly get a nice carry on bag and don't pack so heavy it just makes traveling so much more fun. The cool bag is an approved carry on! - If I decide I want to hop on a plane this is better soooo much better than any luggage bag I have had it's bright so I can spot it if I decide not to carry it on.. it has a lock system which you can register on in case you are in another state etc.. and need that combination! Also- so many compartments. Fancy resorts used to be my thing and there are lots of spots for bathing suits, towels, and you won't feel embarrassed at an 5 star resort with these beauties. Okay.. now that I am in "farmer mode" in life ... I have another use for these too.. In the back of my van for groceries as we travel and have to bring our food home in coolers, or this is great for Auctions when I am stuffing my fruits and vegetables into all the cool bags I can to keep up with my husband who is bidding like crazy to get good deals. - And if I am not using my bag for all that.. I always have a big bag filled with my crocheting, upcycled fashion, or just gifts and presents for family! So many uses. This is what I would call a lifer bag.. You just need one. There is so much more to this bag I just can't keep you here all night but what I can do is to tell you to order one for everyone in  your family and you will kiss me years later and say Thank you Ruthie that is one of the best investments I made! Check out there site for more information and ideas! 

If you love hot or mild salsa you are going to love this brand - OH SO GOOD! I love it because It is so handy when I am cooking. I can just add it to whatever I am making even if I want to just add it my cooking and I am not making homemade salsa - it is such a time saver and flavor booster for me!

On the other hand the salsa.. oh that good  salsa is really tasty. I do a lot of dehydrating and you just can't  make your own and beat  the way JD salsa makes it ---why do all that work when JD Salsa has it right and you can just purchase and have the great blend and flavors - All of us who are farming and homesteading can spend our time working on other products that we can't find.  Let's face it - JD Salsa does a better job than most of us homesteaders - it really is the best. 

I was pleased to see the  bloody Mary mix which you can make with just tomato juice,  if you are like me and aren't really a drinker. The table shakes are great for the table.  Please order yours right here and chat with me on twitter or our new facebook page or on shout out fridays and let me know what you are thoughts on this product and what you are making! 

PS - We did get these products sent to us for FREE for our honest review and all opinions are our own. 

Image result for gluten free bar   allbarsandbitescompressedweb

To be honest, we stopped accepting reviews for a lot of gluten free products, vegan,  and healthy bars because we just didn't like them and we only do reviews for the best products that we love. If we aren't reviewing a product it is usually because we don't know about it or we don't like it and it doesn't make the cut because we do reviews for you all and never do negative reviews.. with that .. These are to die for.. talk about good! These are super yummy! As I am writing I am munching on the Chocolate Cherry almond bites.. to me they taste like a chocolate covered cherry ..sooooo good - Here is the good news.. no GMO, soy-free, dairy free and high protein .. it is hard to believe these are actually good for you!

Electro - Light Up LED Shoes  Let me tell you about these hot new shoes I just got. I love these babies. I got the neon pink ones and they are oh so cool.. you can order a pair here anytime you want as I am talking here about these.. please read my entire review though because I think you are going to just fall in love with these because these are all that AND a bag of chips :) .. okay.. first of all the color and got me but when I went and looked at their site -- each time I went there I found more and more cool items they sell.. (but do buy the shoes first so we can match.. tweet me on twitter if you get the shoes and send me a picture .. okay the site..

Now on to the sizing..

The shoes fit me perfectly I am a ladies size 8.  

I love being stylish and these shoes had it all. The lights are what sold me on these babies they have 7 static colors - and 5 color changing modes.. we got the red, yellow, green, blue, purple , Aqua and then the white and color changing modes which makes me look all cool and that as I walk on my flashing lights.. I can hardly wait until I dance in these .. sooooo cool. I am 53 but who cares I love fashion. ...Which brings me to not just the coolness of these babies.. but the safety part.. These are going to be great while shopping and walking in the dark or out to the barn.. Let's face it when the roads are plowed etc.. I don't know about  you but I wear regular shoes outside.. There is more these hook up to my computer to charge them really easy as they send along the hook ups and also they shine red while charging and green when done. You can also turn the flashing lights on and off- example if you wear them to church etc.. or want to save the battery if you want them to last for awhile without charging.

What is not to love about the Fendi Mini peekaboo? Gorgeous purple python and patent leather.
  I love the peekaboo feature - Purses are my thing.. I remember one of my favorite things I gave my mother was a beautiful bag years ago and back then I would always have my bag matching my shoes and outfits. I love the always changing styles and it's wonderful that I can carry any bag with any outfit I want now! Yes, this is a designer bag and some may consider on a bit pricey but it's also an investment piece as this will last for years. Like I always tell Clay some people like cars, some like chickens.. and me? Well I am a girl I love all things girly and purses are one of my things! To order yours go to

  Fresh Tips



Ice chips

     balm shot

Every woman should have a red bag and what is not to love when you own a gorgeous Christian Louboutin bag! The leather is so soft it is like butter. I love how easily the Paloma bag is to use for everyday use. If you love good quality you will adore this baby! To order go to 

   Coach Swagger in Patchwork Pebble Leather  order your click here .Every woman needs a good black bag. I have been a lover of coach bags for years. I remember my first Black Coach bag that got me hooked on this company. It was both functional and beautiful! The Coach Swagger bag in patchwork pebble leather is extremely beautiful and delicate. It's made up of luxe leathers and a long handle for easy carrying. Absolutely gorgeous! This is one bag you will use for years and years and a beauitful gift to consider to give to the love of your life for Valentines Day! 

chloe drew mini cross body bag.
It is no secret that I am a purse junkie! I am a collector of purses and have given many away as gifts. This beautiful Chloe Saddle bag is absolutely gorgeous! a mild pink grained lamb leather bag trimed in beatiful goldtone and a gorgeous chain strap for easy and elegant carrying. The easy twist clasp makes it wonderfully so easy

 to put all my items inside.  If you are purse junkie this is a must for your collection!

Five fingered Tees

Bloom Baby Wipes Product Review #REVIEW #PRODUCTREVIEW


Meet author Mike Baldwin

We were happy to receive a nice email from Mike Baldwin about his new book
Dream Killer. As you all know I love my cozy mysteries. I love good clean fun and pondering who done it ? I also love books that are family friendly and can be read and shared by all - Dream Killer is such a book.

Mike has also written Smashed Tater

What I love about Mike Baldwin's book are that they are written by a proven writer , as he  has had a career in writing and you can feel confident for any member of your family to pull his books off your bookshelf and knowing that these is just plain good family fun reading. A must for your family's good reading. You can order your copy by clicking here

Best Sewing Thread

   Clay fell in love with Tillenfarms goods

Ziwipeak product review

Wow Butter Review

Luster Teeth whitener review


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     I have drastically changed my life, but it isn't all that modern, I just decided to live like my parents and grandparents.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Stickley Furniture beautiful pieces like no other

   If you have ever owned a piece of Stickley furniture you will know that these are unique pieces like no other. I personally love the feel of soft leather and the built of each piece of stickley furniture. Leather for me is my choice of furniture covering  because it breathes and lasts longer. I love sinking into the Stickley Leather chair and chatting with my family on long visits especially with my sister. Fortunately for me the Stickley showroom is in our local area but it is also online so I can shop right from my home and decide what pieces would look nice in my home.. and in the homes to be quite honest of my family who own some Stickley as many people in my local area do. Stickley is a upper scale furniture store but don't let that scare you as with income tax time and just the sound built of their furniture you really will find that there pieces are probably the best deal out there -- Why? Because their pieces are MADE well! To purchase your Stickley furniture please click here

Fiber fix Product review

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fun bites Review

Image result for images bite size party foodsFunBites Rainbow HiRes2015    Ever since I started my diet I have been making my food snacks smaller and smaller. I believe you can pretty much eat whatever you want ... you just can't eat ALL of it in one sitting. One trick is to get one of these babies and start with the art of creating little tiny "precious snacks" in other words learn the art of making "horderves". What I love about these is that they have so many fun shapes and can be used for adults or my grandchildren!  The possibilities are endless.    These are great for sandwiches and cheese etc.. but the possibilities are endless!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Let's go to the movies! Jackie Cooper and let's go see The Doctor in Love too!

     The day the Earth Moved with Jackie Cooper Image result for Jackie Cooper   I am a big fan of Jackie Cooper I was happy to find this old movie THE DAY THE EARTH MOVED  on youtube. I remember listening to an old interview and how he shared that his grandmother used to pinch him really hard as a child to make him cry for the Little Rascals and his memories of how talked about other little friends he made on the set. Jackie Cooper has given us a lifetime of nice movies to enjoy. This movie gave me the warm "fuzzies".  He was arrested in a small town as a pilot and made a friend of a little girl who helped him escape. He left and found out that the area was about to get a life threatening earthquake - He promised he'd come back for her and take her to Disneyland along with the love of his life. This movie was great as you realize the ground NEVER MOVES. A classic fun trick to make things look disasterous! You'll see little sparks and shaking things but if you watch closely the ground seems to never move!  A real heartwarming story that you will enjoy on a lazy afternoon :)

     Doctor in Love - Classic Movie review

This year I decided I was going to do very few book reviews as I decided I have some key books I wanted to dig into. I am a huge movie buff so I thought it would be fun to share with my followers my love for movies. I used to babysit all my nieces and nephews along with caring for my own son and we watched lots and lots of old movies together that they never would have been exposed to if I didn't dig out a big toy bucket and put on a movie for them. Of course not all old movies are suitable for little ones but there are many that are and even into their teen and adult years it has opened them up to watch movies that they otherwise would have overlooked. With that I am going to share with you my review of the movie Doctor in Love   Michael Craig stars as a young doctor  who is still out looking for girlfriends and falls in love with another doctor. The movie for  me was a slow mover and I really couldn't "get into" the story, although it did make a pleasant "companion" as I went about my daily work, I feel to be fair I feel that this particular movie was a matter of "taste" as some would love it and others may just shut it right off or like me just had it buzzing in the background hoping that something would insprie me. I did enjoy all the home decorating themes of the day and outfits. I particularly laughed when I saw a group of girls dancing in bathing suits that looked very "homemade" which made the movie for me.. kind of like the time Clay and I saw a old monster movie and noticed a big long zipper on a monster costume which made us laugh and laugh. All said it was a fun movie and although I wouldn't watch it again I think others may feel entirely different about the movie and fall in love with it.