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     We are loving the Aluminium Plant that we received from #LOWES IN #AUBURN New York. Theses are a beautiful addition to your indoor plants. It has a silvery accent and looks so lovely. Imagine how pretty these will be over the Holidays in a big red pot! I am loving mine. Lowes has such beautiful houseplants I am just filling my home with these and keep checking to see what other great plants Lowes in Auburn New york has! The staff there is wonderful and knowledgeable. The best place to get your plants if you live locally here in Upstate New York!    <----- sub to us on youtube and learn all the great things we will be baking and cooking for the fall ! 

I am starting with 3 afgans to make for the fall season.. I create my own patterns - check out my Sunflower Bliss and Fall Mexicana Afghans - Would you like to learn how to crochet these easy peezy blankets for yourself? Tune in and subscribe to our online show  - learn how to dehydrate, clean, good advice - all things home and family! 

I have always been the leader of the pack in fashion and I am loving the jewelry at  Really really beautiful! The necklace has a brown suede cord that is so yummy for Fall. Perfect to pair with some jeans or dress up for church. multi -stones smokey quartz, cultured freshwater pearl, rhodonite, shell, and crystal. So very lovely - Check out this site for yourself and start your Holiday shopping early ! 

Can you  just imagine how much this looq looq selfie stick would be handy if you were working as a blogger or a vlogger? How about how much fun it would be for your college age kids or for school projects? Or just to send pictures to grandma? I was sent two of these for our honest review. Clay and I love them! They work wonderful and really make life easier! A must for our social media world!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Succulent Source Review

wedding succulents for sale   I never realized how beautiful succulents were until I met my husband and we started to grow hens and chicks in our front yard. They look so beautiful and there is so much you can do with them. - They are great for weddings and garden design and as a pretty plant for the home. They are really addicting! I was sent a sample of succulents from I was really impressed with how nice everything was packaged and how beautiful the colors were. I was chatting with our insurance company and we were talking about plants and the office girl perked up and mentioned Do you grow Succulents too? Check out The Succulent Source online store and purchase some for your home!

Growing Prayer plants

   Growing Prayer Plants-- - I love indoor and outdoor plants. This is one reason we are sharing with you some of the great plants we got at LOWES in AUBURN New York. The prayer plant can be grown in a pot or as a hanging basket. One of the nice things about prayer plants is that at night the leaves fold up as if they were praying themselves.  
Although they rarely flower -- they do produce quite a pretty little flower when they do. They are non-toxic and are slow growers. You will probably never have to repot them. Prayer plants are also known as Maranta. - They are native to the deep forests of Central and South America. Unlike many houseplants Prayer plants love to be watered - they do not like direct sunlight and are pretty easy to grow. Great for homes with low light. Check out Lowes in Auburn New York and tell them the Pople Backyard Farm sent you!


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Katrina the amazing cat

The Succulent Source



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The Spice House Product Review

I am a huge fan of the SpiceHouse   Because they do it right. We were sent two spices this time from them to add to our Best Fall Product's Tour - Yes, they made the grade again! - This time the spices that we were sent were the Pot Herbs Soup Blend - The smell alone of this spice is to die for! It just fills the soup bowl with flavor a nice blend of herbs and spices.  We were also sent the Garam Masala spice which is a favorite for many Northern Indian dishes. I noticed it was good for goat too, which is wonderful as I live in a farming community and we love trying all kinds of spices on our food and many people here have an experience taste for good food - and with all the hunters here in upstate New York this sounded wonderful venison as well!  I love cooking different types of foods and a new spice is like a Christmas present. This is wonderful on Chicken as well and beef! They cover about every spice available Check out The Spice House today and spice up your life! - We were sent these products for our Honest Review and we love these - As always The Spice House is WONDERFUL! 

Updates on the Venus Fly trap and Pitcher Carnivours plants

Well, today we are going to share with you a few spots to sell your wares online - I will be making a tab above for a list of these sites so you can all be in the know and have a source to go to to get all these spots in one place. If I miss one please feel free to email us at so we can add them to the list :)

 We are building up a nice collection of houseplants to share how to grow for you. Our carnivours pitcher plant and venus fly trap are doing beautiful!

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    Sometimes I don't feel like supermom... but I love learning new things and learning new ways - Be supermom and help someone else today! God Bless! 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Grow a Flamingo Lily!

Check out our new Flamingo Lily - click on the above video
Check out all the fine plants at Lowes in Auburn, New York

    We were sent 2 bottles of Nisim shampoo one for dry hair and one for oily  hair - Nisim has many wonderful products that help to grow your hair as well as to prevent hair loss. I love having healthy hair who could resist these? My hair is so soft and feels so full after using these. What is nice about these shampoos is that these unique shampoos are deep cleansing and invigorating and help to maintain a nice rich nutrient environment for your hair to grow in. - Just use like normal shampoo check out all their great products click here

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#Venus fly Trap how to grow them and some Fall updates


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Image result for Updates

We decided that we are going to ditch our savings tips on VEDA for a season and share more about what we are doing on our farm for VEDA (Video everyday in August) for you tube. We want newbies to see all that we are doing especially since we are getting close to the change of seasons..

One of the many things we wanted to do is to encourage our followers to bring the outdoors in so start pulling together a nice collection of plants you love to bring some of that outdoors in before the snow flies you can start your collections of house plants :)

We got an assortment of plants from Lowes in Auburn, New York and will be sharing about these on youtube and all over the internet. If you stop into Lowes please let them know that the Pople Backyard Farm sent you. I have been considering getting some Venus Fly Traps and was happy to find that Lowes had both the Venus Fly trap and the pitcher type. Full grown they will look like these
Image result for Venus fly traps how to grow   Image result for carnivorous pitcher plant   very unusual but oh so much fun for those who are young at heart!

The nice thing about getting a Venus Fly trap at Lowes is that the plant comes as a kit with complete instructions of how to do it. Example they don't like fertilizer, they have special soil and need distilled water. I am excited about seeing these babies grow...

okay with that.. if you have been on twitter @R47R and Facebook you may have seen some of the plants we will be sharing with you.

here are just a few to wet your appetite that we have and will be sharing - go to Lowes and grow right with us and bring the green in for the upcoming winter! We  got them all at Lowes so you can get plants there if you want to grow with us!
Image result for white orchid plantWhite Orchid

\  Lemon /Lime Philodendron

Image result for Pink flamingo plant    Flamingo Lily

  Spider plant


and more! We wanted to have a nice variety so you can grow with us all winter and chose the plants that you love to add beauty and variety to your home..
Image result for Updates    

Best Products tour for Fall - Please click on our Products Review Tab and check out all the great products we have found to share with you!

Dehydrating.. we are pulling in some great products and so far we are just dehydrating as much as we can.. Nothing get's wasted around here!

A few tips on dehydrating.. Make sure your veggies are completely dry before putting them in Mason Jars or bags. I have done so far my first batches of
cucumber, cabbage, green beans, and tomatoes

   Stay tuned.. Clay is getting ready to make some jalepeno poppers !

.... more.. crochet, make up tips, fashion helps, building projects and painting.. a lot is going on and we want to share it all with you a lot is going on here this Fall - enjoy our nice family oriented youtubes and join us here on the blog and all over social media. We have a packed full season for you this Fall!
God Bless!