Friday, September 19, 2014


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This adorable goodie is on Netflix this month. I loved reviewing this movie. John Cusack plays a professional gunman going home to a 10 year high school reunion which is taking place as his assigned mission. He meets up with a old girlfriend. Love is still blooming. Old high school friends and some pretty cool action that takes place in a light hearted way. A plus too is the roll of Dan Akrod. A great little movie to enjoy for those warm fuzzies. 


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quail Eggs Vs Viagara which will you choose?

Quail eggs vs Viagara which will you choose?
    I am a little bit "blushing" with this one.. but I thought this would be interesting to share with everyone. There is some talk after doing some research that Quail eggs can be good for married couples sex drives possibly even better than the "wonder drug" that has been having senior citizens chuckling about for awhile Viagara. There were a couple cases where people have ate too many eggs over 28 raw ones, in one day.. and did die ... but not all were quail eggs and in may have been for other reasons.. Quail eggs are being raved about everywhere for the good benefits. I think it is worth looking into but like all good things check with your doctor. Here is a pretty neat article to read more about it at


Okay I am not gonna lie I have been struggling and struggling.. with getting the weight down I started a blog made youtubes and still no progress... with my husband having the doctor looking him in the eye talking insulin for his diabetes I know it's not a matter of choice but a must to lose the weight. Late bloomers don't have to be out of the game.. If you are a late bloomer and have been struggling with losing join on in as we reinvent ourselves to lose the weight. It may take us one or two years or more depending on where you are at or a few months.. but the goal for me is 2lbs a week.. and this is a lifestyle change at 51. So join in... even if you aren't losing weight stick with us until the lightbulb moment happens and you are losing. I have a personal coach now my son Russell who will be keeping me order. So grab a friend too if possible or just connect with me and my other friends online and let's break through that wall that is holding us all back to get healthy and in excellent shape so we can do all the things we were created to do! Come chat on twitter and let's all support each other and help each other through the moments when we feel like we just can't resist the next baked goodie or soda. 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don't count your eggs before they are hatched

We candled our quail eggs to check to see how well our hatch will be. There are soooo many quail eggs it will be fun to see how many of the 126 eggs will give us babies

Chicken crossing the Road... They are taking the high road and wearing protective gear 

    Armchair traveling...

   Armchair traveling to Japan ... in our travels we can't help but notice the terrible tragedy in 2011 of Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami. I have spent hours watching the tragedy in documentaries etc..  I wanted to share some of the pictures with you and encourage you to join us as we arm chair travel to Japan. 


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    Here is a book that I have been reviewing and want to encourage you to pick up for Christmas " A Crafty Christmas" by Mollie Cox Bryan I have been enjoying reading this little gem. A scrapbooking Cruise a missing scrapbook and murder. Mollie Cox pieces a great decorative read together that I have been hardly able to put down! I have been reading the Advanced reader's copy and this page turner will be out in October. I am one of those people that gets in the Christmas mood way early and so I will put together all my christmas movies, and music and crafts and start on them as for me it's the activities of preparing for all the Fall holidays are the best part so I like to make the most of Fall, Thanksgving, Christmas and New Years. A Crafty Christmas will definitely get you in the Christmas mood. I love the fun lighted hearted read and the "scrappy" background as all the Scrap booking ladies fill the ship. Comparing ideas, getting gift bags and trying to figure out who done it. Watch the stores and pick up a copy as soon as you see them and you can also pick up a copy at 


Would you Dumpster Dive? 
     I was enjoying listening to how people were dumpster diving at stores and getting huge hauls of make up, gift sets, etc.. I thought... I heard of people dumpster diving for coupons... but what about these other things? Is this legal? Well I did some checking and it is! People go to stores and haul away all the things that are tossed out by sorting through the dumpsters. I personally have no desire to do this.. partly because I can remember when I was 18 at my first job as a bookkeeper for a bus company and one day I went out to toss the garbage and there was a old woman inside the dumpster searching for stuff! I was like ma'am I have a heavy bag of trash I need to toss in she said oh, that's alright. The hauls sound wonderful and it would be cool to get a bunch of freebies the downside would be any disease concerns.. and I hate to be a downer.. but what about old checks, receipts with credit card info etc.. does make you a little nervous to think about this if you are feeling pretty safe shopping only to find out that your info is okay to sort through in the dumpster.. but then again I very much doubt those who are looking for freebies care about paper work... but all said.. if you have a store or a good dumpster near you .. I suggest going with a friend for safety and dive away! For more info 

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Beauty Secrets from the pros

Beauty secrets from a pros

One of the jobs I can add to my resume is  

being a professional make up artist and

image consultant. Living on a backyard farm 

I noticed that cosmetics weren't as big a deal 

as they were to my friends in the "burbs",  but

like my momma taught me everyday get up 

and do your make up! I won't lie after moving 

to the country I did enjoy many days of just a 

relaxed atmosphere and the live and let live 

attitude. I noticed though that I wasn't feeling

as "pretty" as I would like. My fashion sense 

also had to change a bit as now I am working

from home on the computer verses working 

out of the home. I would look silly now 

wearing my work clothes at home. Perhaps   

your a mom at home or a blogger like me 

and find yourself "slipping" I just want to 

encourage you to be the best you ... you can

be. I went through this years ago when I 

stayed home with my son for a bit.. one day 

I looked in the mirror and said oh no.. get it 

together girl. Just putting on your make up 

everyday like my wise momma told me will 

make you feel better... dressed, more alert

and pretty. Also take those few minutes to 

find a nice shirt and jeans to wear for the day.

Fortunately, even professional people have 

long gone from the days of dressing super 

snazzy to the more casual look. So you can 

look great everyday without looking silly. 

Below is a make up tip on how to do your 

eyebrows you may think it's silly but if done 

right you will see that you will look so much 

better. As a make up artist for over 20 years 

I will tell you that you can wear almost any 

color it's just in the blending... it's best to find 

colors that match but do what you can with 

what you have on hand... and don't let money

be a problem... the dollar store is fine ... and a

good hair cut at a salon ... Walmart is fine.. 

$20 cut will make a world of difference. Don't 

get caught up with money .. doesn't always 

make a difference like a skillful hand will.. 

learning to paint your own face and knowing 

your own hair to trim things up in between 

good cuts is the difference and sometimes no 

matter how expensive your clothing is, if your 

hair and make up are done you look GREAT! 

Perfect eyebrows...step by step


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