Monday, October 20, 2014

Mom brings comfort to ebola fears


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Moms called upon to stop the fear of Ebola

I remember when I first heard about aids .. I was terrified. I was working at a church and at this time this was the first I heard of this dreaded virus. I was so ignorant and didn't realize how it was contacted. I learned more about it and my heart breaks for those who have had to suffer with aids as those who have to suffer with many other heart wrenching ailments. As a Christian and as a mother we need to put our faith in God to protect our family. We should be concerned but not walking in fear. Like other sicknesses like the West Nile Virus, etc.. we need to get the information pray over our families and then listen to the heart of God about what we can do to help others. Some may only pray. Others may be there for support of loved ones. etc... But I think a good place to start is to get the truth  and the facts and putting things into perspective. Bad news sells and people love to instill fear but we are to be wise and smart and to help those who may be battling fears and irrational thoughts. I remember when SARS was around I lived right next door to a guy going back and forth to Canada and he didn't get sick or his family. I am not saying to be sloppy but don't let your mind go wild and lock yourself up in the house and run with fear everytime you hear the news. Just put things in prespective and then lean on the Lord to take care of you and your family and pray for God to heal our Land and other lands. Below is some useful information that I believe will be a blessing to you. Please feel free to copy and share this post with anyone you know. 

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Bread is the staple of life and I am always looking for great breads to bake for my family around the Holidays. We were thrilled to review Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five minutes a day. Although no one in my family has worries about going gluten-free it may not be true of our friends, so when I get ready to bake something special I want to have some handy recipes on hand. 1% of the population have celiac disease, a debilitating auto-immune disease caused by gluten. Rather than go breadless..which is what suffers really miss they can enjoy some goodies just by making a few changes. The cookbook is wonderful! I love the cinnamon twists and Crusty White sandwich loaf. There are so many, many delicious recipes! YUM! YUM! YUM!. This cookbook has some great background information as the authors have quite a nice bio. Zoe Fracois is a pastry chef and Jeff Hertzberg is a MD who started a year long quest to create a dough that was easy for everyday use. Pick up a copy for yourself at This is a wonderful gift for everyone who loves bread for the fall and holiday season!

Make a paper star

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cindy Lou Who will have more than 2

Paper pumpkin  Paper Pumpkins!

Pumpkin table centerpieces

What do you call a cow with a sense of humor? "Laughing Stock"

marriage is like game of poker… you start with pair and end with full house.

Time to check the ol septic tank

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Not a pretty site, but a necessary thing.. We had our septic tank pumped. Here are some tips if you have a septic. If possible schedule regular times to have this done if you don't want to shop for a good septic guy in a pinch. My experience through the years has been these guys are busy! ... So you may be like me and make 10 calls only to have no one return a call so make sure you call back in a few hours if you don't hear back. Learn good septic care. Use a good toilet paper that is biodegradable so you don't fill up your tank too fast. Scott tissue works good. So when was the last time you pumped your tank? Watch our video below for more information.

3 reasons to keep your septic tank in good working order
1. to save money
2. your family's health
3. the health of the community

Here is a excellent article that will help you in the care of your septic system

      In Japan something amazing happens at Christmas... since less than 1% of the population are Christians you won't see a Nativity scene.. but what you will see is the good old KFC bucket. Why? Because in 1974 KFC did a big campaign in Japan... so guess what families scramble to get for Christmas dinner? KFC ! I admit though if I lived in Japan I would definitely have a Nativity in my home and would probably eat KFC ... that is if I could get it in time! 

Okay once again my arm chair travels  lead me to say bye bye to Japan and on to a new place ... (although I just add to my travels I still look at my old places and talk to my friends I meet in other countries) Ireland. .... I posted a link on the side. I am already making some new friends via the internet of people in Ireland. I love this hobby I can travel the world from my seat. I love learning about people from around the world and being a backyard farmer/city girl I love to look at all aspects of life. Join me in my fun and friend me on twitter @R47R and talk with me and some of my new irish friends :) 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

What ever happened to Pinecrest Bible Training Center?

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So what happened to Pinecrest Bible Training Center? 

As a Journalist, I wanted to share with you all about a wonderful place I grew up at.. When I was a about 9 My parents, Ruth and Leon Yingst,  moved to Pinecrest to help start the printing dept. It was a glorious experience for me from 9- 12 years old to meet people from around the world as my parents were on staff and I attended the local public school and many missionaries would come to our home or students from other countries and we were able to learn about their lives.  Pinecrest is a Bible Training Center at the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. A couple things I 'd like to note here. I remember Pinecrest was always wonderful and sweet about helping people and ministering to people. Many beautiful ministries have been started at Pinecrest.  Recently the subject came up that Pinecrest had some changes so I thought I'd write a brief post and then share a post that explained it even better... It looks like Pinecrest has changed it's name and now is in another state.. to read more check out this article..  Please note... I'm almost 52 now! And haven't lived at Pinecrest since age 12 although I have been up for visits and one of the church's I attended had a retreat there I my 20's . ... so things have changed a lot.. but it had such a big impact on all who have been at the Bible School that even today people still talk about Pinecrest :) 

This is a Eggstraspecial book review as I love the writing of Laura Child in her Crackleberry Mystery series. In this page turner we find the lovely business ladies trying to figure out who was the  arsonist. Funny moments and quirky laughter throughout the whole of this book. I loved the opening scene when Suzanne was in the hair salon loaded with foil on her head only to find herself running into the street at the smell of smoke. As always they get in a bit over their heads as the book progresses rather nicely and they find themselves in a world of gamblers.  I also loved all the delish recipes included at the back of the book. We will be doing a 2 book give a way on this one ! Hurray! We'll be posting the details soon so click on the give a way tab at the top of our blog so you can enter! 

  When you think candy... It's Mike and Ike ! Mike and Ike sent us a generous amount of candy to review and to give our honest opinion about. When Clay and Russell saw the candy they were like... We Love Mike and Ike Candy! One of the guys favorites so they were more than happy to assist me in the sampling of the candy as well as all of our friends and family etc.. ! The candy is delicious! I loved the hard shell on some of the candy and the soft center.. YUM! The candy is perfect for Halloween or to take out on the town or all your holidays. I am a big candy girl as I have low blood sugar so I always have some candy somewhere to munch on and trust me... I could just munch all day on Ike and Mike's candy. So many flavors and just plain fun!     CHECK OUT ALL THE GREAT FLAVORS AT

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Learn to plarn!

How to make plarn... ck out the video below 

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Our grapes are starting to produce a little more this year so we tasted our tiny crop.

We had a great service at our church this past week. I slipped out of the church and took a spin around the tables in our welcome center and wanted to share with you some of the things going on at my church and thought this would be of interest to many of you.
We have a online site just in case you would like to hear some good preaching  One of the things that Clay and I teach are life skills and I think going to church is so good for the entire family. I will be sharing a little more about my amazing church once in awhile as our church is involved with lots of various ministries and have a heart for missionary work and have some great visitors, and events.

      I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my hand fan by  I use it every single day whenever I want to just get a breath of fresh air. Not only is it useful but it is beautiful! When not in use I put it on my wall for a decoration and take it down when I go to church or when I sit down to watch TV or read a book. In Japan people carry fans around all the time, but in the USA it is not as common... after having my personal fan I have to admit I hate to go anywhere without it, It is amazing how often I use this item. As we approach the holidays I can see that I will be using my fan more and more as I never know whose homes are going to be heated super hot.. as in the North East many homes in my area use woodstoves and you can get blasted out with the heat! So this will be a great item to slip in my purse whenever I go to my friends houses or to church. This is a great product to give as a Christmas gift too! To see all the great gorgeous hand fans go to

    Here I am on this Throwback Thursday when Clay and I first started to date in 2010 sitting in Clay's office. The funny thing about us is that even though we came from two different worlds we were very much alike. Clay told everyone I was him with a blonde wig!